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Openings for one-on-one Spiritual Direction now available.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction​ or Spiritual Companionship is for everyone, no matter what spiritual path or faith tradition you travel. Spiritual Direction is a time set aside to tend to your soul and spirit. To reflect on what is sacred in your life. Some of the reasons to seek Spiritual Direction are life transitions, spiritual questions, a desire to deepen your relationship with the divine, or a way to strengthen your own innate sacred wisdom. 

Contact me using the contact form below.

Currently, all Spiritual Direction is virtual/zoom.

An hour session, one-on-one is $70. Please feel free to discuss with me a sliding payment per income or need.

Contact me for a free 20-minute virtual (zoom) meeting to talk about Spirit Direction.

In Spiritual Direction, you will be supported and empowered to recognize and pay attention to your own innate spirituality. Gradually you discover an inner compass of sacred wisdom you may not have known before. As you learn to trust the true North of the inner compass, it becomes easier to live in freedom and authenticity.

- Interfaith Counseling Center

Openings are available.

Creative Companion


The arts can help us use the language of the soul. By exploring our creative side (even if it is untapped)  we can communicate with the deep well of mystery, the divine, the sacred.

Creative approaches focusing on opening up your innate intuition, grief, loss, or life transitions can be healing and empowering.

 As a companion in your spiritual journey, I can offer a variety of experiences to help awaken the creative, intuitive, and playfulness inside.

Contact me below to leave a message, ask a question, or set up a creative session.

All sessions are currently virtual on zoom.

60-minute sessions are $60

Contact me for a free 20-minute virtual (zoom) meeting to talk about what Creative Companionship would look like.


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